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Building an anti-racist movement among white Unitarian Universalists in ways that are accountable to communities of color.  

Conference Workshops

ARE's 2017 Fall Conference will be held at the UU Congregation of Atlanta (UUCA) the third weekend in October: Friday, 3:30 pm to Sunday, 6 pm!  To improve accessibility, we've added additional registration options, including individual tickets for Friday and Saturday evening performances.  Register today!

We are excited to have a wonderful variety of presenters and programs this year!  To ensure adequate space, after you register, please select your preferred workshops for Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon sessions.

Saturday Morning: 10 am - Noon

“Yeah, But How Do We Do This”?: A Strategy Lab for Racial Justice Action

How do we help our congregations embrace the values of racial justice and take action to live those values in our faith communities and in the larger communities we live in? How do we overcome obstacles in our congregations and how can we be effective for racial justice in our communities?

Longtime anti-racist/collective liberation organizer, author, and educator, Chris Crass will facilitate this conversational space for people already engaged with racial justice to share questions, insights, and lessons, all focused on how we can grow capacity for racial justice values in our congregations and take even more effective action. This program is designed primarily for people who are already active in racial justice work, and are moving to deepen their engagement and grow collective organizing capacity.

"Deeper Work": Reducing Racial Bias

What do we do after (finally) taking that Harvard Implicit Bias Test? Corey Zadik (of UUCA) brings his passion for social justice and Master of Applied Positive Psychology to lead this interactive workshop focused on practical, day-to-day acts and attitudes that have been shown to reduce implicit racial bias in the long term. Based on the work of Patricia Devine, PhD, and beginning with an appreciative approach to our experiences with race, we explore new thoughts, behaviors, and strategies that can displace our unconscious and automatic thoughts and feelings about people of different ethnicities.

Recognizing that life, even at its best, is messy and imperfect, our goal is to reduce our "emotional charge" around race, leading our interactions and relations with individuals of other races and ethnicities to be as mundane - and as fair - as with those who "look like us".

Participants are asked to have recently taken the Harvard Implicit Bias Test on Race (preferably within 72 hours), and to have their results with them.

Spiritually Grounding Your Racial Justice Work Through Yoga

We need spiritual grounding to provide sustenance to our work. Otherwise, we can too easily become drained and burnt out by the relentlessness of the work before us and the magnitude of what we have to accomplish. Our spiritual practice is not indulgent; it is a part of our work.

Join us for some conversation about the role of spiritual practice within your life as an activist and some actual practice through yoga, including some meditation, pranayama (breathing) and asana (poses). Our practice will focus on grounding poses, heart opening poses and poses to connect us to our vision. Modifications will be offered to make this workshop as accessible to all levels as possible.

Come in comfortable clothes that you can move in, and please bring a yoga mat if you have one! Our facilitator, Elka Carrier-Ladd, is a 200RYT as well as a UU minister.

Saturday All Day: 10 am - 6 pm

"Beyond UUs: Countering Oppression from the Inside Out" (ALL DAY PROGRAM; runs until 6pm)

With our deep commitment to justice, what's stopping us?... UUs?... Could it be.... US?

Go "over under around & through" in this full-day, intensive, fast paced, and whole-istic ARAO program designed to equip people with frameworks, tools, and tactics to more accurately assess their social locations, build shared analysis, and begin challenging white supremacy within themselves and in their communities.

Using a variety of resources, experiential exercises, caucusing, and group discussion, we explore aspects of identity, bias, power, and systemic injustice to develop a deeper understanding of, and powerful strategies to dismantle oppression, privilege, and oft-hidden barriers to inclusion, authentic relationships, and equitable alliances. Facilitated by a multi-cultural team to engage people from a broad range of backgrounds & experiences, together, we create a collaborative and empowering learning environment for us all, whether we've been in "the movement" for twenty minutes, twenty years, or (like most of us) somewhere in between. Facilitators: Soneika Heslop, Dipak Panchal, Rob Smith, Carolina Krawarik-Graham

Saturday Afternoon: 1 - 5pm

"Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation"

We must rise, with our vision, our values, our communities, and our courage, for racial justice, human rights and collective liberation in these times. With right wing attacks on our communities and the Earth, with people of color-led racial justice movements on the move, and with majority white faiths like Unitarian Universalists struggling against the impacts of white supremacy internally, this is a time when white people, in particular, must choose what side of history they/we stand on. Will white people continue to be, as James Baldwin says, “moral monsters”, or will white people join in the struggle for multiracial democracy, for structural change against supremacy systems in our society and in our denominations and congregations?

Come and explore how we can build stronger racial justice values and action in our congregations and communities and engage ALL who want to do this work. Whether you’ve been active for decades or a few days, this interactive workshop with longtime anti-racist/collective liberation organizer, author, and educator, Chris Crass "brings home" how we can ALL rise for racial justice and work for collective liberation in our congregations, in our communities, and in our country.

Addressing Intersectional White Supremacy 

In the U.S. white supremacy has evolved throughout our history to operate economically, institutionally, culturally, and individually, shaping everyone’s ideas and chances at healthy, fulfilling lives.  Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers leads this workshop to focus on two areas of content:

First we explore the relationship between race and class by considering the racialized economic strategies that get applied to people in US Society.  Participants will identify ways that they see these strategies being carried out in their own communities, including the ways that they themselves participate in the economy.  Second, we address white socialization and the resulting internalization of white supremacy, and how we as white folks operate as individuals, with other white people, with various groups of people of color, and within institutions. We consider the ways that this impacts our spirituality and our ability to be useful anti racist allies and strategic organizers for movement building.

Transformers: More Than Meets The "Aye" Collaboration ---> Consensus ---> Community

Although the way our congregations organize themselves may often feel like Anarchy, most are still using a "traditional" UU model of 'Committees' which is inherently hierarchical, and typically uses Robert's Rules of Order to run meetings. Does a model that's older than our religion itself still work for justice-seeking, liberal faith traditions in the 21st century? How do we build anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism into the core of our very 'operating systems' and into the culture of our congregational life? Let's find out, together!

Amy Smith and Jim Krawarik-Graham lead an exploration of collaborative, consensus-driven systems and concrete structural changes we can make in our organizations to disrupt white supremacy, reorient toward power-sharing, and create a resilient, equitable, anti-oppressive culture.

Conference Schedule


3:30 pm   Onsite Registration Opens

5:00 pm   Meet & Connect

7:00 pm   Evening Program: "Deeper than the Skin"


 9:00 am  "We ARE"  Welcome & Worship

10:00 am  Morning Workshop Sessions

12:00 pm  "Stone Soup and More" Lunch

 1:00 pm  Afternoon Workshop Sessions

 5:00 pm  Late Afternoon Workshop Session and/or


 6:00 pm  Dinner

 7:30 pm  Evening Program with The Soulprint Players


 9:00 am  Worship at UUCA, Chris Crass preaching

10:15 am  ARE Membership Meeting

11:30 am  Break for lunch offsite

 1:00 pm  Workshop: Allies to Accomplices  (ends at 6pm)

 1:30 pm  Workshop: Using Body Wisdom to Cultivate Just Communities (ends at 4:30pm)

Relationship, Commitment, and Stone Soup
Rockin' a Movement Together 

FULL REGISTRATION - Sliding Scale $110-$150

For folks who require additional financial assistance, scholarships are also available.
Just select that option when registering. 

Saturday Only, Sunday Only, and individual Evening Program tickets are also available!

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Saturday Late Afternoon: 5 - 6 pm

Love Resists: How UUs Partner to Expand Sanctuary & End Criminalization

As UUs and spiritually-grounded activists, what role do we play as part of today's larger social movement building to resist a federal policy agenda that is increasingly racist, xenophobic, transphobic, and anti-poor? How do we center the leadership and voices of those facing the most risks as we organize? Love Resists is a new joint initiative of the UUA and UUSC to train, equip and mobilize UUs to answer the call of this moment in the U.S. Explore how "criminalization" is being used to legitimize discrimination based on race, religion, gender identity and sexuality, and how within local communities we can protect each other from this. Learn about the Love Resists model for partnership and action, hear and share stories of resistance, and connect with resources that can support you and/or your congregation's justice work.

Sunday Afternoon

1:00 - 6:00 pm Allies to Accomplices: Moving from just showing up to Showing Up Justly

In the growing movements led by those most affected by injustice, how, when, and where are we showing up?... and with whom? What's our role? Are we missing something? How can we become more effective?

In today's turbulent social and political climate, building whole-community, justice-centric engagement has become crucial to the health of our congregations. Whether it's for quiet vigils, chaotic protests, passionate advocacy, or super-fun Pride weekend, using Direct Action concepts help us to participate in more effective and sustainable ways, build powerful alliances, and live our values in the wider world. In this Non-Violent Direct Action "primer", we'll give special focus on how identity, social location, and relationships define our part in today's movements, explore preparation, tactics, support, and sustainability, and have a heck of a lot of fun moving around together.

1:30 - 4:30pm Using Body Wisdom to Cultivate Just Communities - Interplay Atlanta

The tools of InterPlay provide artful ways to help people share personal stories, find courage, witness, affirm, and deepen their awareness and motivation to shift implicit bias, structural racism, and racially-charged dynamics. There is a physicality to the emotions that get triggered on all sides by racism, by interactions that are racially-charged, and by forums on race issues. Interplay’s expressive art-based tools will offer A.R.E. participants an effective container to transform and release difficult emotions. InterPlay Atlanta leaders represent diverse professional backgrounds in art, therapy, and spiritual leadership. They know how to create in-the-moment gatherings, formats and rituals for community transformation and healing. Time as shown us that when we come together as whole bodies, minds, hearts and spirits just communities can be cultivated and built.

InterPlay Atlanta is a 501c3 nonprofit that uses improvisational structured play to foster freedom and joy, decrease stress and build just communities.

Come, rock a movement with us!

To ensure adequate space, please select your preferred workshops here for Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon sessions.

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For UU's of Color seeking a completely 
PoCI-centric experience, DRUUMM , our accountability partner, will be holding their conference at the Murray Grove Retreat Center in N.J. the same weekend! 

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