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Building an anti-racist movement among white Unitarian Universalists in ways that are accountable to communities of color.  

Guidelines for the ARE Booth

GA 2018 – Kansas City – booth#412

Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) exists as a response to a request by DRUUMM, a UU People of Color Organization, for a group of white anti-racist allies to serve as partners in the journey of transforming our faith movement and our world. 

Allies for Racial Equity Mission is to

  • Confront racism in ways that are accountable to communities of color.
  • Understand whiteness and privilege.
  • Unlearn and challenge white supremacy.

ARE Steering Committee's Mission is to

  • Build an antiracist movement by engaging white Unitarian Universalists in the mission of ARE.
  • Foster accountable relationships with and serve as an organizational ally to communities of color.
  • Provide anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural leadership development to ARE members and leaders in the UUA.

Booth Objectives:

A quick summary of our objectives in hosting a booth at GA:  check out our 2018 pre-GA Webinar

  • ·        Maintain a presence next to the DRUUMM booth so that DRUUMM may refer people who identify as white and wish to engage with us around racial justice, whiteness, and privilege.
  • ·        Provide information, including the history and purpose of ARE and describe the obligations and benefits of membership
  • ·        Provide information about ARE and DRUUMM sponsored workshops and activities, and ARE initiatives and activities throughout the rest of the year
  • ·        Provide up to date membership information and renew memberships
  • ·        Coordinate with DRUUMM to provide support and solidarity during GA
  • ·        Connect those wounded or distressed over issues of privilege or marginalization with designated chaplains, DRUUMM leaders (for PoC), or other appropriate support

Materials at Booth

Materials will include:

  • ·        Membership Forms & Accountability Guidelines
  • ·        DRUUMM and ARE recommended workshops and activities
  • ·        ARE Ribbons
  • ·        Educational Resources

Membership Forms

The key element of membership is the commitment made on the membership form.  Emphasize that membership in ARE is not a claim to arrival as a white ally; rather, membership in ARE is a commitment to the journey and a promise to support each other in that journey. 


Distribute ARE Ribbons to active ARE members and to “inactive” members who indicate their intent to renew in the near future.  Encourage inactive members to renew their membership.  Point out that the wearing of the ribbon indicates our commitment to the journey, however imperfect we may be in using the AR/AO/MC lens.    


If there are questions that you can’t answer, note the question and the name and phone number (or email address) and we will get back to them within the day if possible.


In quiet moments, take some time to introduce yourself to the folks at the DRUUMM booth.  They will be referring folks to us on a regular basis.

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