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Building an anti-racist movement among white Unitarian Universalists in ways that are accountable to communities of color.  

Preparing for GA?  Here are some great resources:

Check out the ARE GA prep webinar from 6/7/18 ARE recommended workshops

Tips for Countering Oppression          ARE GA2018 Booth Resources Online

ARE/CLF Spring Webinar Series

DRUUMM                  BLUU                 BLUU on CLF'sVUU 

Sign Up to volunteer with the ARE Booth + more at GA in Kansas City

Join Us for the Friday Night Networking Session!

Every year, ARE's booth is right next to the DRUUMM booth and both attract a lot of attention.  This provides various opportunities for ministry, engagement, relationship building, and fun.

Objectives in hosting the ARE booth at GA:   UU ARE Booth Guidelines

ARE Members who invest a few hours (usually two hour shifts) at the ARE booth at GA reap many personal rewards.  
If you are willing to serve, please sign up here or contact Coordinators Ken Wagner or Carolina Krawarik-Graham.  

Working at the ARE booth at GA for a few hours each year can be a powerful experience that stays with you throughout the year. It is a chance to connect with ARE members you haven’t seen for awhile, connect faces with names that are familiar to you, and to introduce ARE to folks who hunger to be engaged in anti-racism work. You will likely be rewarded with conversations that forever change your perspective as people share their experiences in this challenging, exciting, and personally liberating work.

Again this year, we will have ribbons to identify ARE members so that our members are clearly visible as people on the journey toward being effective and accountable white allies. 

Recordings of ARE Pre-GA webinars: 

General Information Pre-GA Webinar 6/7/2018  

General Information Pre-GA Webinar 6/5/2017

See you at GA!

ARE Member Email 6/17/2018 GA Updates and Announcements

Wow!  Those two weeks went fast!  Our pre-GA scramble is now at full-throttle and in just a few short days, we’ll be dismantling white supremacy and defying systems of oppression all together - online, in person - and in person online (waves to the offsite delegates).

Here are some last minute updates and reminders before we “launch”:

Resources & Support

For those who couldn’t join us, here’s the recording of our GA prep webinar, covering both “the basics”, and some things that are specific to this General Assembly

Be sure to check out our ARE booth resources online for bonus video & print content - and possibly to save yourself the overweight baggage fee on your trip home!  We doubled down this year.

Join us for the short zoom debriefs 9-9:30pm CDT, Wednesday - Sunday, so we can better connect offsite and onsite participants in collective efforts.
If any evening program runs late, we’ll be on about 15 minutes afterward.

Don’t miss the Connecting ARE@GA networking session and member meeting on Friday evening at 7pm in room 2502-B, where we'll share tools, tips, tricks, and tactics to counter oppression and disrupt white supremacy… and spend some much-needed time together.

Volunteering & Advocacy

Please do sign up to volunteer with ARE@GA to help with advocacy, solidarity work, and staffing the booth! (#412)   The GA schedule is packed with UUA business and great programming this year, and we’ll need all the help we can get to be in all the places all the time.

HeadsUp!:  In my previous email, I mentioned that we encouraged members to demonstrate solidarity by participating in  DRUUMM  and  BLUU  led events.  
I recently noticed that on the page in the program book which lists the DRUUMM track, it clearly states that these programs are exclusively for People of Color.  There is no mention of this in the workshop descriptions, daily summary, topical guide, or anywhere else in the program book.   Please be sure to check your workshop selections, and spread the word to other white folks (like me) who might not necessarily look at the DRUUMM page, and therefore miss critical information.

CSAI: Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy 
ARE is formally endorsing this CSAI as it is in line with our core mission and most reflects the work ARE is already engaged in.  After the huge success of the White Supremacy Teach-In, doing deeper work in a more structured and coordinated way will be a great next step for us together.  

Several people have been working with the folks from First UU in NOLA, the sponsoring congregation, to prepare amendments (primarily additional action items) to be presented in the mini assembly.  
The proposed changes from this group are available here for review and comment, and your feedback is welcome!

AIW Advocacy:
We were hoping to have a draft of the CLF sponsored AIW to review by now, but it seems we’ll just have to be patient and wait until we’re at GA.  The Church of the Larger Fellowship would still love some more  volunteers to collect signatures on Thursday and Friday  for this AIW.  Even an hour or two can help a lot!

Thank you for being in this work with us.  Don’t forget!  Volunteer  to get those snazzy  WE ARE@GA  and WE ARE EVERYWHERE  ribbons.  

GA2018, here we come!

In Solidarity,

Carolina Krawarik-Graham
ARE Steering Committee

Ideas? Concerns? Questions? Please contact me, ARE's GA coordinator, at

ARE Member Email 6/2/2018 Getting Ready for GA2018

Thank you for your dedication to Racial Justice within Unitarian Universalism and in the wider world!

GA2018 in Kansas City is fast approaching, so it’s time for our annual request for volunteers!  This year, in addition to helping at the booth, ARE members can be instrumental supporting a variety of initiatives and solidarity work focused on dismantling white supremacy and defying systems of oppression.  Stay tuned as details become available.

To prepare members and white allies, ARE will host 2 (conversational) GA-prep webinars

Wednesday, June 6 at 8pm EDT, (5pm PDT) and

Thursday, June 7 at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT).  

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

iPhone one-tap :    US: +16468769923,,532628682#  or +16699006833,,532628682#

Telephone:      Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

        US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 669 900 6833   Meeting ID: 532 628 682  

International numbers available:

If this is your first GA and/or your first time volunteering with ARE, these calls are a great way to get oriented before the wild rush begins in Kansas City.  Both will have similar content and be recorded, so feel free to choose one that suits your schedule, attend both, and/or check out the recordings afterward.

Sign up to volunteer with ARE@GA to help with advocacy, solidarity work, and staffing the booth! (#412)

Working at the ARE booth at GA for a few hours each year can be a powerful experience and is a chance to connect with other ARE members, and to introduce ARE to folks who want to be more engaged in anti-racism work. Again this year, we’ll have lots of cool ribbons so that our members are clearly visible as people on the journey toward being effective and accountable white allies.

Ideally, ARE members who are also delegates will prioritize attending UUA business sessions in order to help provide visible Anti-Racism-focused advocacy at GA.  We also encourage members to demonstrate solidarity by participating in and providing support work for DRUUMM  and  BLUU  led events, as well as in other Anti-Racism themed workshops. And this year, the Commission on Institutional Change may have some additional requests as GA unfolds.  Read the latest Commission report here.  

We need you!  Sign up to volunteer with ARE@GA   

while we ARE@GA   

Join us in room 2502-B for the Connecting ARE@GA networking session and member meeting on Friday evening at 7pm where we'll share tools, tips, tricks, and tactics to counter oppression and disrupt white supremacy.  We'll livestream if we can.

In an effort to lower our carbon footprint, all the ARE booth resources are online this year.  We’ll still have copies available, but will be encouraging folks to sign up to get the link sent to them via email or sms.

We're partnering with the Church of the Larger Fellowship to support their AIW to End Prisons for Profit and we'll need lots of folks spreading the word.  Additional information will be emailed to volunteers prior to GA. For now, you can sign up to volunteer to collect signatures on Thursday and Friday for this AIW.

There will be short zoom debriefs 9-9:30pm CDT, Wednesday - Sunday, primarily for offsite ARE members, but onsite participants are welcome to attend.

From last year, but we (read: I) still could use reminding:  

The ARE Steering Committee has been actively working on using “Praxis+” as a method for dismantling White Supremacy, both within ourselves and in Unitarian Universalism. “Praxis” is, simply put: Education, Action, Reflection (in somewhat equal-ish parts). “+” (plus) is everything else - from practicing self care, to spending time with friends, to pausing to revise plans as events unfold.

Every year since 2010, I’ve come to GA and it’s ActionActionAction+MoreAction for me - and many others - who don’t want to miss even the smallest opportunity to build our UU Anti-Racist movement.  

This year, I am inviting all of us, most of all myself, to “do differently”.  When you look at the schedule - all the ways to engage with ARE and beyond - ask yourself:” Do I have a workshop that will challenge me in the mix?”  “Is there some sort of a balance between my goGoGO! time and my Slow-n-Steady time?” “When was I planning to actually eat?”

While many agree that GA is usually a critical opportunity to promote racial justice, and that means more work for us while we’re there, I hope we can all also disrupt white supremacy in ourselves by being in these moments in ever healthier ways.

Valarie Kaur reminded us at the #RevLove conference to “Breathe... Then PUSH”.  

Let’s do that!

With that, please do sign up for a slot or two of booth duty - and to support Folks of Color throughout GA!     

already in the “Pre-GA Rush” and have no time?   here are a few quick tips:

~ Don't make and/or Challenge your assumptions.   Eric Law talks about how  

~ Ask Questions  - Demonstrate “Holy Curiosity”

~ Be mindful of your (white, male, economic, relational, educated, accredited, clergy, professional, hetero, cis, "been around for forever", etc.)privilege in any given interaction and/or space and think about how to best equalize the power dynamic.

~ Consider that everyone has more identities (and history) than you're aware of. No one is just a race + gender expression + orientation. Our identities are infinite.

~ Welcome discomfort. There's so much more opportunity there.

~ Be mindful of how much space you claim, and what that might mean for others.

~ Don't touch people (or things) without explicit consent.  Not everyone responds to touch the same way, not all "friendly" touch is appropriate.

~ Be mindful of your language and that there may be someone within earshot to whom it may be exclusionary/hurtful.

~ Try to Listen more than you speak.   

~ When you speak, speak (only) for yourself (unless requested to speak for a group).

~ Don't make a member of a marginalized group responsible for your education about issues of marginalization and oppression.  Seek out those allied people and groups (like ARE) dedicated to helping with that.

~ Be aware that your intent will not always = the impact of your words & actions.

~ Try not to take things personally.

~ Be open to learning.

~ Exercise humility.

~ Remember that not everyone has the same information!  Share respectfully if you have the opportunity.

Ideas? Concerns? Questions? Please contact ARE's GA coordinator, Carolina at

Thank you for all you do for justice.  See you at GA!

In Solidarity,

Carolina Krawarik-Graham

ARE Steering Committee



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